Do you want your pet to always be good with you, and he was healthy, cheerful and cheerful? Maybe yes.

That is why we are pleased to offer you high quality zoo food for cats and dogs, rodents and hedgehogs, birds and fish.
In our online store you can find both premium and cheaper products, with recommendations from the most experienced breeders and veterinarians.


Animal feed.

In our pet store you can buy food for dogs and cats, you will also find food for rodents and exotic animals from the best manufacturers. All products are of high quality and meet all international standards. 

Goods for pets.

All domestic animals, fish and birds, ferrets and turtles need to be provided with conditions for active life. That is why you can buy many interesting and useful products that will not be easy to delight your pets, but will help you in caring for them.
These are feeders and bowls, toys, carriers and cages, hammocks and sunbeds, ladders and kennels for dogs, play houses for cats, equipment for aquariums and terrariums, as well as accessories for transportation in a car, training aids and training ammunition, clothing and much other.
All this can be seen in our catalog, which presents not only premium products, but also inexpensive accessories.


Dogs & Puppies

  • Flea Treatments

  • Worming Treatments

  • Supplements

  • Dog Food

  • Veterinary Diets

  • Dental Care Products

  • Ear Care Products

  • Eye Care Products

  • Dog Treats

  • Dog Toys

  • Training Aids

  • Dog Behaviour & Calming

  • Dog Grooming

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  • Flea Treatments

  • Worming Treatments

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  • Cat Food

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  • Ear Care Products

  • Eye Care Products

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  • Kitten Food



  • Horse Supplies

  • Horse Wormers

  • Equistro

  • Horse Grooming Accessories

  • NAF Horse Supplements

  • Stable Hygiene & Cleaning

  • Dressings and Wound Care

  • Equine America

  • Horse Fly Control

  • Horse Supplements

  • Horse Tack Care

  • Stress Relief

  • Horse Treats

  • Joint Care


Small Animals

  • Rabbit

  • Guinea Pig

  • Ferret

  • Hamster Food

  • Rat Food

  • Gerbil Food

  • Chinchilla Food

  • Mouse Food

  • Degu Food

  • Hedgehog Food

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  • Aquarium & Pond Supplies

  • Pond Supplies

  • Aquarian Fish Food

  • Tetra Fish Food

  • King British Fish Foods

  • Juwel Aquarium Filter Media

  • API Aquarium Treatments

  • Tetra Accessories



  • Bird Supplies

  • VetUK Wild Bird Food

  • Walter Harrisons Wild Bird Food

  • Unipet Wild Bird Food

  • Supa Wild Bird Food

  • Wild Bird Food Feeders

  • Caged Bird Supplies

  • Poultry Supplies

  • Pigeon Supplies


Veterinary Supplies

  • Veterinary Supplies

  • Syringes and Needles

  • Insulin Syringes

  • Pet Medicals

  • Hygiene and Sterilisation

  • Dressings and Wound Care

  • Tablet Pockets and Pill Givers

  • AlphaTrak

  • Vinyl and Latex Gloves