8 in 1 Dental Delights Rawhide Bones are a unique, patented mix of dental product, jaw workout and great taste, and unlike standard chews, tough rawhide surrounds plenty of good-quality chicken.

The smell and meat pieces around the edge of the chews entice your dog to get to the chicken inside, which makes chewing even more fun for your dog, and satisfies their natural gnawing.

A balanced mix of minerals in the 8 in1 Dental Delights Rawhide Bones also act like a toothpaste to ensure white teeth and pleasantly fresher breath.

Hours of chewing pleasure guaranteed with no leftovers!

Size Guide:

Size of Treat Weight of Each Chew Ideal For Number of Bones
X-Small 12g Tiny & Small Breeds 7
Small 40g Small & Medium Breeds 1
Medium 70g Medium & Large Breeds 1
Large 100g Large & Very Large Breeds 1

8 in 1 Dental Delights Rawhide Bones