The Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Dental Kit is the perfect way to introduce your pet to the benefits of good oral hygiene.

Containing all you need to clean your dog’s teeth, the kit includes a premium silicone finger brush, a 360° toothbrush and a coconut oil based toothpaste that is extremely safe and contains no chemicals.

The 360° Toothbrush has been cleverly designed to target teeth from all angles to drastically reduce cleaning time, while the silicone finger toothbrush helps to reach harder to reach areas and delivers a gentle brush along their gum and teeth line.

The toothpaste, with its coconut oil base, lasts longer than water-based formulas as it will cling to your dog’s teeth and give a long-lasting clean. The concentrated enzyme formula with baking soda will neutralise plaque and naturally help to freshen breath.

Arm & Hammer Fresh Coconut Dental Kit for Dogs