Flexi Giant Retractable 8m Tape Lead.

Designed with a sleek black, grey and yellow design, the Flexi Giant is the perfect accessory for walking larger breed dogs in dark or dim conditions. The tape lead has also been made out of a bright neon yellow material with reflective stitching to enhance visibility further.

The lead also has a comfortable, ergonomically designed handle and has a quick response braking system with a reliable braking button to ensure the highest standard of safety and comfort on your walks.

The Flexi Giant Lead will extend up to a distance of 8m (26ft), allowing your dog plenty of freedom, whilst allowing you full control and the ability to retract your pet as needed.

Size Guide:
     Medium: For dogs up to 25kg
     Large: For dogs up to 50kg
     Extra Large: For particularly large and strong dogs

Flexi Giant Retractable 8m Tape Lead