Hills Prescription Diet AD Recovery Care Wet Food for Cats & Dogs has been formulated for the nutritional management of pets recovering from serious illness, accidents and surgery.

Made with easily digestible ingredients and an increased calorie content to avoid the loss of lean body mass, Hills A/D also provides your pet with essential nutrients and special proteins that help maintain natural defences and encourage your pet to heal.

Key Benefits:

  • Special Proteins: Help your pet to heal wounds and strengthen their immune system
  • High Calorie Content: Helps your pet maintain a healthy bodyweight
  • High Energy Density: Supports Convalescence and Care
  • Extra Tasty: Encourages your pet to eat more, and more often
  • Soft Consistency: Easier to chew and swallow, and can be fed by hand or from a syringe

Hills Prescription Diet AD Tins for Cats & Dogs