Oralade RF Support is a highly palatable oral rehydration and nutritional support for cats with renal, gastroenteritis or urinary problems.

A unique and ready-to-serve solution, Oralade RF Support for Cats provides micro enteral nutrition and oral rehydration support for cats with acute intestinal disorders and chronic kidney disease (CKD). It will provide essential fluids, electrolytes, functional amino acids and simple glucose to support enterocyte recovery.

Oralade Cat has been made with a natural chicken flavour that will encourage your cat to drink, even when feeling stressed, nauseous or excited.

Key Features:

  • Palatable natural Roasted Chicken flavour
  • Special blend of functional amino acids
  • Zero Phosphorous and Zero Calcium
  • Palatability can be used to encourage better uptake of water or prescription diets

Purified water, Dextrose monohydrate, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Monosodium phosphate, Chicken liver hydrolysate

Nutritional Information:
Crude protein 1.0%, Crude fat < 0.4%, Crude fibre 0.1%, Moisture 98%, Ash 0.3%, Potassium 0.04%, Sodium 0.1%, Chloride 0.16%, Calcium 0.005%, Phosphorus 0.003%, Na 44mmol/L, K 12mmol/L, CL 45mmol/L, Ca 1.5mmol/L, P 11mmol/L

Gelling agent: Xanthan gum 0.2%, Roast chicken flavour 0.1%, Amino acids: Glycine 0.45%, Taurine 0.08%, L-Carnitine 0.01%, Lysine 0.15%, Arginine 0.15%, Monosodium glutamate 0.25%

Oralade RF Support for Cats 330ml