The Pet Remedy Boredom Buster Foraging Kit is a fun accessory to encourage your dog’s natural foraging instinct, and to relieve boredom.

Made from a durable fabric with a double row of pockets sewn along its entire length, treats can be hidden away inside the accessory for your dog to find and nose out.

Once they have mastered finding the treats quickly, the difficulty can be increased by rolling or folding up the Foraging Kit.

Calming Spray 15ml
A 15ml bottle of Pet Remedy has also been included that can be sprayed safely onto the fabric before your dog starts foraging. A natural blend of Valerian, Vetiver, Basil and Clary Sage, Pet Remedy works with your pet’s own natural calming mechanism to help them immediately calm down without the need for sedation.

Pet Remedy Boredom Buster Foraging Kit