RelaxoPet Chews for Dogs are more than just a snack, and have been made with only high quality, and extremely tasty ingredients.

Each of the chews has been gently baked in an environmentally friendly facility and do not contain colourings, cereals, or flour.

RelaxoPet Immunies
RelaxoPet Immunies are a beef monoprotein which have been gently processed to retain as much of their goodness as possible. They also contain echinacea, cumin, rose hips, taiga root and vitamins A, D3 and E, to give an immunoactive herbal blend.

RelaxoPet Relaxies
RelaxoPet Relaxies contains 80% chicken as a single source protein which has been gently air dried to retain as much flavour as possible. They also contain lemon balm, chamomile, valerian, and hops along with vitamin C, B2, and folic acid for their calming properties.

RelaxoPet Chews for Dogs