Urine Off Cat & Kitten Odour and Stain Remover contains a natural bio-enzymatic formula to remove urine stains and odours permanently from virtually every surface.

Containing a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes, the solution attacks urine crystals at their source to stop them coming back, and eliminates all odours, even those created by tomcats or cats with high protein diets.

Urine Off Cat & Kitten has been made with a high viscosity formula that better adheres to vertical surfaces where cats have sprayed on walls, furniture, or upholstery.

Key Benefits:

  • Attacks uric acid crystals which produce urine’s aroma
  • Breaks down urea which is the sticky substance in urine
  • Digests proteins which promote pathogen growth
  • High viscosity formula that adheres better to vertical surfaces
  • No Dilution required

Urine Off Cat & Kitten Odour and Stain Remover Spray 500ml