Vetaclean Parvo Tablets are a hard surface disinfectant in tablet form.

Made with an advanced formula, the tablets are effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

Vetaclean Parvo Tablets are suitable for use in reception areas, on consulting room tables, in operating theatres and animal housing. They can also be used for the cleaning/disinfection of endotracheal tubes, and feeding utensils.

Dilution Rate:
Dissolve the tablets in warm water
Floors, Surfaces and General Environment: 4 tablets in 6 litres
Parvocidal Treatment in a Clean Environment: 3 tablets in 2 litres
Parvocidal Treatment in Heavily Soiled Conditions: 5 tablets in 2 litres
Stainless Steel Instruments: ½ tablet in 1 litre
Feeding Bowls, Rubber and Plastic Items: ½ tablet in 5 ltres
Mops, Dish Cloths etc: ½ tablet in 10 litres

Vetaclean Parvo Tablets 2.5g (Pot of 180)