Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs contain a natural ingredient derived from a protein in milk called casein that has clinically proven calming properties to help relax cats and dogs.

The peptide (protein) molecule delivers a calming message to the brain via the body's natural messenger system called neurotransmitters, and is perfect for helping pets cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations, or before occasions such a change in their normal environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes Pet Relaxation: Helps your pet cope using a natural ingredient
  • Non-Drowsy: Casein is a natural protein in milk that doesn’t have a sedative effect
  • Easy to Give: Available in capsules that can be given whole or sprinkled over food


  Weight of Animal Daily Quantity
Cats & Small Dogs Up to 5kg 1 x 75mg Capsule
5 - 10kg 2 x 75mg Capsules
Medium Dogs 10 - 15kg 1 x 225mg Capsule
15 - 30kg 2 x 225mg Capsules
Large Dogs 15 - 30kg 1 x 450mg Capsule
30 - 60kg 2 x 450mg Capsules

Zylkene Capsules for Cats and Dogs