Zylkene Chews are delicious treats that help pets cope with stressful situations and help prevent any unwanted behaviour caused.

Containing a natural ingredient derived from a protein in milk, Zylkene promotes and enhances relaxed behaviour in pets helping them to cope when facing unusual and unpredictable situations.

Learning new behaviours is easier in a relaxed and calm animal.

The chews can be administered orally as a single dose.
Short Term Use: Use for 1-2 days before the predicted event or change in environment. Some animals may benefit from an even earlier administration. (5-7 days).
Longer Term Use: 1-2 months.

Size Guide:
  75mg: For cats and dogs under 10kg
225mg: For dogs 10-30kg
450mg: For dogs 15-60kg

Zylkene® contains alpha-S1 tryptic casein, commonly known as Alpha-Casozepine, an ingredient derived from milk protein that has calming properties.

Zylkene Chews for Cats and Dogs